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Sporting and Athletic Records

Hubert Morgan-Browne, “Sporting and Athletic Records”, 1897.


Hubert Morgan-Brown was a London-based barrister who was born around 1868.  He was a member of the National Liberal Club but with leanings towards the Fabian Society.  At the time of compiling his book of records he was a member of the British Committee of the Indian National Congress and the Westminster Division of the London School Board.  He wrote articles or pamphlets on a number of key social issues, “The Women’s Liberal Federation and Women’s Suffrage” (1890s), “A New Union for Women” (1892), “Women’s Progressive Society (1894/5), “Balfourism, a Study in Contemporary Politics” (1907), “Concerning the Daily Mail by a Reader” (1909), and a series of three articles with H.W. Massingham (Radical journalist and editor of The Star and The Nation), “The War of Armaments” (1908).  He was unlucky with money having been robbed of $600 on his first day on a visit to the USA in 1911, and was in court for debt in 1916.  He then left Britain and went to live in America.  In 1922 he branched into music journalism writing “An Approximation to the Truth about August Wilhelmj” (a German violinist) who taught at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at the time that Morgan-Browne was preparing his book on records.


The importance of Morgan-Browne’s, “Sporting and Athletic Records” in the history of Athletics literature.

Although this is a book about all sports (and some non-sports), this was an attempt to compile a book of “World’s Records and to arrange and systematize other records by the way”.  Morgan-Browne consulted all the available published sources, but also garnered information from “secretaries of Athletic Clubs, and Captains of Schools who have courteously supplied me with all the information in their power”, so this book gives records of schools, colleges, and competitions in Britain and America, that are not available elsewhere.  His lists of records of the various components of Track and Field are not merely a compilation of other people’s lists; Morgan-Browne often challenges the information he had been given, and ridicules the credibility of others.  Professional and Amateur records are given whenever possible.  This is an essential book for those interested in athletic standards at the time of the first Olympic Games. 


The text:

There are eight sections of records in athletic events, and one of lists of winners:

Athletic meetings

            English Amateur Championships

            Scottish AAA Records

            Irish Amateur Championships

            American Amateur Championships

            London Athletic Club Meetings [six meetings a year]

            Oxford v. Cambridge Sports

            American Inter-Collegiate Championships.

            Woolwich v. Sandhurst Sports

            Inter-Hospital Sports.



            British Amateur Records

            American Amateur Records



            World’s Records

            British Amateur Records

            British Professional Records

            American Amateur Records


Putting the Shot and Throwing the Weight.

            Putting the Shot

                        British Amateur Records

                        American Amateur Records

            Throwing Weights

                        Amateur Records

                                    For Distance

                                    For Height.



            World’s Records

                        By Distance

                        By Time

            World’s Amateur records

                        By Distance

                        By Time

            British Records

                        By Distance

                        By Time

            British Amateur Records

                        By Distance

                        By Time

            American Amateur Records

                        By Distance

                        By Time

            American Professional Records


School Records

            Bedford Modern School

            Berkhamsted School

            Brighton College

            Charterhouse School

            Cheltenham College

            Christ’s Hospital School

            City of London School

            Eton College

            Felsted School

            Fettes College

            Giggleswick School

            Haileybuy College

            Harrow School

            Ipswich School

            King’s College School

            King’s School, Canterbury.

            Lancing College

            Loretto School

            Malvern College

            Marlborough College

            Merchant Taylors’ School

            Mill Hill School

Repton School

            Rossall School

            Sherborne School

            St Paul’s School

Tonbridge School

University College School

Uppingham School

Westminster School

Winchester School


Throwing the Hammer

            World’s Amateur Records

            British Amateur records

            American Amateur Records



            World’s Records

                        By Distance

                        By Time

            World’s Amateur Records

                        By Distance

                        By Time

            British Records

            British Amateur Records

            American Amateur Records

            American Professional Records

            Miscellaneous Records

                        Six days’ walk

                        1,000 miles in 400 consecutive hours

                        4,000 quarter-miles in 4,000 periods of ten minutes

                        1,500 miles in 1000 hours

                        1,977½ miles in 1000 consecutive hours

                        2,280 miles in 912 consecutive hours

                        Greatest distance walked without a rest

                        London to Brighton (about 52 miles)



            Athletic Meetings

i)                    Winners of AAA Championships [from 1866]

ii)                  Winners in the ’Varsity Sports [from 1864]


Morgan-Browne wrote in his introduction that he would welcome correction and additions for use in ‘future issues’, but none appeared.  This was the first and last of his listing of Sporting and Athletic Records


Peter Radford

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